Wednesday, 20 February 2019

Want to know which is the highest radiated smartphones??

Want to know which is the highest radiated smartphone …

As you know guys recently a movie named 2.0 based on radiation due to radiation many birds are dying and the tele sim companies are not maintaining any frequency range and increasing the ranges as they needed so this is much needed now as we know that this is not so well because if birds eat the waste from the crop only we will get the rice with no loss so these birds are ecofriendly to the nature and its more important and a key role in our lives so we should not harm birds .not only sims the mobile phones are also a part of radiation if i say the list you will be shocked by listening to the brands of mobiles which are highly radiating . Redmi A1 mobile is highly radiating mobile now and amother thing is it is the best android mobile
recent days and it is most selling mobile brand in our recent days it is a product of xiomi every call it Mi or Redmi with an SAR of 1.75 watts per kilogram. If we keep this thing aside the mobile which is the called as fastest mobile and most using mobile and best of best mobile 1+ 5t is the second most radiating mobile and this is aww full for everyone for believing that this fastest mobile of this much radiation wanna know how
much radiation it does it has 1.68 SAR per kilogram in this list there are many mobiles xiami mi max 3 ,1+ 6t all of radiation more than 1.20 SAR per kilogram .

it is wonder that all these mobiles are manufactured from China . From these we got to know most of the chinees mobile emit more radiation. Not only for birds radiation is more harmfull for we human beings we get all skin diseases by the radiation we have seen in many
movies about the defects in radiation.

Tuesday, 19 February 2019

Real Truth Of Pulwama Attack

Real Truth Of Pulwama attack :- 

Pulwama attack 40 CRPF soldiers died 35+ soldiers were injured. Recently on Feb 14th 2019 there was attack on our CRPF (Central Reserve Police Service) at Jammu Srinagar national highway a pakisthani terrorist named jaish e mohammed made a plan of attacking our indian they kept a suicide bomber in the national highway of jammu srinigar where our CRPF jawans are saving ourselves.

Pulwama Attack Real Truth

Narendra Modi ji gave all the rights to our indian soldiers. Till the date our nation most favourable country in maintaning peace by the thing that pakisthani buggers have done it will no longer the favourable country. All the people of India are trying help the needy of victims families of the attack. Cricketers Goutham Gambir, Virendar Sehwag have taken the responsibilty of the education of the victims children. Not only them all the personalities like ambani and many business are willing to help the needy. Not only these our own indian hackers one of them named ANSHUL SAXENA is the one who hacked many websites of the pakisthani terrorists who planned more things to do in our country. Not only hacking he did many things and helped our soldiers to make their work easier. Atleast now thos bloody terrorists should stop their cheap tricks of backstabbing like a transgenders. Those idiots should now get some of shame. And do the thing which is useful to their country not the thing which dissolves their coutries respect. Now only they dont have any respect from other countries they are still getting shame on their parts for playing this cheap tricks. What their coutries Prime Minister Imraan khan is doing while these people are doing this nuissance. Pakisthanis ab to aapka samay start hua picture tho abhi bhi baaki hey rey.  

We recently got to know that there are many people from India supported them to do the bomb blast a person nameda Adil ahmed dar was identified as an attacker in Pulwama attack. Not only this person there more people who supported them. Nearly a 40+ soldiers were died in this attack. The pakisthanis with no dare to fight with us. Bombed our soldiers if they dare to attack us directly within notime our soldiers and many people of our country are ready to smash those bloody buggers of plakisthanis. After this incident we got know that a solidier in CRPF had a baby in december that soldier has decided of saving our country which is more important than meeting his baby.

The saddest thing is he did not met his baby and lost his life in this attack. This saddest thing that baby saying send off to her dad is seen on internet which is more saddened for us. After this incident our PM Nar‐

Saturday, 16 February 2019

Hardik Pandya And Elli Avram Getting Married??

Hardik Pandya and Elli Avram Getting Married :-

All over India want to know when Hardik Pandya and Elli Avram Getting Married.

Hardik Pandya and Elli Avram 

Elli Avram Recently Replied to an article which written fake news on both Hardik Pandya and Elli Avram that they are getting Married but Elli Avram cleared that it was an rumors that's it and she told that be shamed on you who written and fake news in thier article she said that it was over Since back,
 She is a most popular actress... Hardik Padya as we known dating her with an long period time, they both are attended lots of parties and Ceremony together..

 but recently Elli Avram tweeted on Twitter and cleared this all fake news that they are not dating each other now this was cleared that, they not in a relationship it was an rumors were they are getting Marriage. And recently as we what Hardik Pandya did in the show which name is Cofee With Karan it gone an big issue in all over contrt Hardik Pandya banned in two matches also she spoked about this also so now everything was cleared everything was shouted. Now Hardik Pandya Was Dating to Urvasi.....

Thursday, 14 February 2019

Samsung Galaxy M30 Features,Price and Launch Date Revealed.

Samsung Galaxy M30 Features:-

Samsung has happy Galaxy M Series Galaxy M30, Before that M10 & M20 that square measure on the market within the market lately. Now Samsung planning for release Galaxy M30. But thier are suprised because the feature of M Series is already leaked out. As per leaked it knowns that Galaxy M30 Might not having display Fingerprint Sensor this might be back side of the point it has USB type C Point.


It has infinite V display, Amoled screen coming to camera it has triple rear camera and 16 Mega Pixel Selfie Camera back camera has 13Mp, 5Mp and 5Mp camera and 5000 MAH Battery, RAM 4GB 64GB Internal Storage.


Galaxy M30 Price will starts at Rs. 14,990 in India Galaxy M10 Starts at Rs. 7,990 and Galaxy M20 starts at Rs. 10,990

Launched Date

Galaxy M30 can on the market in March first week purchasable.

You Can Earn Money From The Pubg Game??

You Can Earn Money From Pubg Mobile Game:- 

Hello these days we have a tendency to square measure attending to discuss concerning the infectious agent game that is Pubg Mobile.

As you all know the game Pubg is craze of youth now days everyone is playing 24/7 some cases are also came in front of us on this Pubg Game. We are going tell you that you are playing Pubg Mobile but you dont know how to earn from Pubg Mobile I am going discuss how everyone earn from Pubg Mobile. Everyone is enjoying Pubg and losing Mobile battery or knowledge that is is however you'll conjointly earn from Pubg Mobile. Now a days everybody can use Instagram i feel thus what to try and do means that on Instagram some page square measure their like Pubg Tournament or one thing, the page Manager can conduct the pubg Tournament between you and some bunch of people they will create a room in Pubg Mobile in that room they add some players like us 50 or 100 members means that like specific time they provide to North American nation means that on this point the match can begin. The Main however can earn cash, if we are interested we have pay the entry fee in it like 50rs or 100rs and they will give to 1 position 500Rs 2nd one 400 Rs like this we can earn from Pubg Mobile. You Can conjointly conduct like this and you'll conjointly earn from Pubg Mobile...

Tuesday, 12 February 2019

Flopped As Hero, Hit As a villan Bollywood Stars

Flopped as hero, hit as a villan bollywood star:- 

In Bollywood Industry Thier are so many flopped actors are there but in that some are there who hit as villain in Bollywood and every one will like them as a villain in movies... there are someone Bollywood actor as well as you cam say villan their names is :-

Vinan Bhatena 

Flopped as hero 

Vivan Bhatena Is a top TV star in 2000s and he did so many hit TV shows as a leading actor. He made is debut in Bollywood in Chak De India Abhimaniyu Singh But failed to impress the audience after it. But he get success as a villan in Bollywood And South Film Industry.

Neil Nitin Mukesh 

Neil Nitin Mukesh worked as actor in Bollywood but he got failed in it as a actor. After somedays he got a villan role in it he done his best and he got success in it..

Sonu Sood 

Everyone Knows Sonu Sood Is very popular personality Sonu Sood also done as actor in Bollywood he also got the fail in it.. after he got villan role in Dabaang Movie He done his best in it and everyone was liking him as a villan in every Bollywood movie...

Saturday, 9 February 2019

Baaba in KGF Chapter 2???

Baaba In KGF Chapter 2 :- 

As we all know that the KGF Chapter 1 was BlockBaster hit... KGF chapter 1 the magnum opus of indian cinema made several wonders in INDIAN cinema...yash the kannada actor became more famous...director


of 1 cinema old...gave an magnum opus like "KGF" which is based on gold mines in karnataka
The film which have more elevation scenes of the hero...

Now our bollywood star celebrity


is on talks for a key role in KGF chapter 2 this true or case if our own start baaba gives an entry to kannada film industry the trending thing in social media is KGF ..lets see what happens when rocky bhai and munna bhai share their screenspace with each other. 

There was a biopic on sanjay dutt named sanju which was the sensation in bollywood...ranbir kapoor gave biggest comeback with the sanju ,raj kumar hirani a good friend of sanjay dutt gave sanju. Now lets see our baabas entry into kannada film industry...

Wednesday, 6 February 2019

Contestant of Bigg Boss 12 Is Looking Very Hot

Contestant of Bigg Bose 12 is looking very hot :- 

Jasleen Matharu Recently Seen in reality show in Bigg Boss 12, She Entered in the house has a claiming girlfriend of ghazal singer Anup Jalota. Later She Cleared everything after the show.


Jasleen has also acted in "B-Grade" Movie in [2016].She Worked in that movie with Raju Kher. Jasleen Looking Too Hot in the show Bigg Biss 12 she was wearing a bikini.


Jasleen is very conscious with her health she do regular workout to

Her Bikini Images Was get viral on internet.
Jasleen Matharu faced lots of ups and down in her life she acted in B-Grade Movie She became little bit famous after she came into the bigg boss season 12 after comming in this show she became more popular on social media lots of fan Following in show she gained.

Monday, 4 February 2019

Jhanvi Kapoor Want To Date This Bollywood Actor

Jhanvi Kapoor Want to date this Bollywood Star :- 

Jhanavi Kapoor want to dat this bollywood actor

Jhanavi kapoor wantto date this bollywood actor.


Jhanvi Kapoor :-

As we know Jhanvi Kapoor is the daughter of Sridevi,

Jhanvi Kapoor is the most famed star kid. And people thinks she is so cute because she act childish. Recently Jhanvi Kapoor came on the Karan Johar's famous show "Coffee with karan" in that show she revealed which Bollywood actor she want to date, and the Bollywood actor... no one else one and only "Rajkumar Rao" she want to date.                        

Jhanvi Kapoor is a sweet and simple actress and she has huge fan following on social media for her amazing outfit. Janhvi Kapoor is always on top of her fashion game and her latest outfits always attracted  people.

Hope you liked this blog and happy with Jhanvi Kapoor's choice.. Stay connected with Gyani BabaJi for more interesting news and gossips about Bollywood and Celebrities.   

Sunday, 3 February 2019

Disha Patani Looking Too Hot In These Bikini

Disha Patani Unseen Hot Pics

Disha Patani Is Now a Days top Most actress in the Bollywood industry.

As we all know Disha Patani was in the top 3 Google search in India after working in Movie MS Dhoni "The Untold Story". She won every ones heart by her acting and hotness. I think this is because of her killing personality and because of her Cute face and hotness at same time.
Also Disha Patani Is Popular On Social Media Platform.
Disha Patani is known as her hotness she done so many movies in Bollywood and done with very good role every one is liking her so much on social Media Platform.

Her Fan Following is also too good on social media.
Don't know really that she is In a Relationship or not but as we already heard so many rumors about her relationship..