Saturday, 9 February 2019

Baaba in KGF Chapter 2???

Baaba In KGF Chapter 2 :- 

As we all know that the KGF Chapter 1 was BlockBaster hit... KGF chapter 1 the magnum opus of indian cinema made several wonders in INDIAN cinema...yash the kannada actor became more famous...director


of 1 cinema old...gave an magnum opus like "KGF" which is based on gold mines in karnataka
The film which have more elevation scenes of the hero...

Now our bollywood star celebrity


is on talks for a key role in KGF chapter 2 this true or case if our own start baaba gives an entry to kannada film industry the trending thing in social media is KGF ..lets see what happens when rocky bhai and munna bhai share their screenspace with each other. 

There was a biopic on sanjay dutt named sanju which was the sensation in bollywood...ranbir kapoor gave biggest comeback with the sanju ,raj kumar hirani a good friend of sanjay dutt gave sanju. Now lets see our baabas entry into kannada film industry...

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