Tuesday, 19 February 2019

Real Truth Of Pulwama Attack

Real Truth Of Pulwama attack :- 

Pulwama attack 40 CRPF soldiers died 35+ soldiers were injured. Recently on Feb 14th 2019 there was attack on our CRPF (Central Reserve Police Service) at Jammu Srinagar national highway a pakisthani terrorist named jaish e mohammed made a plan of attacking our indian they kept a suicide bomber in the national highway of jammu srinigar where our CRPF jawans are saving ourselves.

Pulwama Attack Real Truth

Narendra Modi ji gave all the rights to our indian soldiers. Till the date our nation most favourable country in maintaning peace by the thing that pakisthani buggers have done it will no longer the favourable country. All the people of India are trying help the needy of victims families of the attack. Cricketers Goutham Gambir, Virendar Sehwag have taken the responsibilty of the education of the victims children. Not only them all the personalities like ambani and many business are willing to help the needy. Not only these our own indian hackers one of them named ANSHUL SAXENA is the one who hacked many websites of the pakisthani terrorists who planned more things to do in our country. Not only hacking he did many things and helped our soldiers to make their work easier. Atleast now thos bloody terrorists should stop their cheap tricks of backstabbing like a transgenders. Those idiots should now get some of shame. And do the thing which is useful to their country not the thing which dissolves their coutries respect. Now only they dont have any respect from other countries they are still getting shame on their parts for playing this cheap tricks. What their coutries Prime Minister Imraan khan is doing while these people are doing this nuissance. Pakisthanis ab to aapka samay start hua picture tho abhi bhi baaki hey rey.  

We recently got to know that there are many people from India supported them to do the bomb blast a person nameda Adil ahmed dar was identified as an attacker in Pulwama attack. Not only this person there more people who supported them. Nearly a 40+ soldiers were died in this attack. The pakisthanis with no dare to fight with us. Bombed our soldiers if they dare to attack us directly within notime our soldiers and many people of our country are ready to smash those bloody buggers of plakisthanis. After this incident we got know that a solidier in CRPF had a baby in december that soldier has decided of saving our country which is more important than meeting his baby.

The saddest thing is he did not met his baby and lost his life in this attack. This saddest thing that baby saying send off to her dad is seen on internet which is more saddened for us. After this incident our PM Nar‐

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