Wednesday, 20 February 2019

Want to know which is the highest radiated smartphones??

Want to know which is the highest radiated smartphone …

As you know guys recently a movie named 2.0 based on radiation due to radiation many birds are dying and the tele sim companies are not maintaining any frequency range and increasing the ranges as they needed so this is much needed now as we know that this is not so well because if birds eat the waste from the crop only we will get the rice with no loss so these birds are ecofriendly to the nature and its more important and a key role in our lives so we should not harm birds .not only sims the mobile phones are also a part of radiation if i say the list you will be shocked by listening to the brands of mobiles which are highly radiating . Redmi A1 mobile is highly radiating mobile now and amother thing is it is the best android mobile
recent days and it is most selling mobile brand in our recent days it is a product of xiomi every call it Mi or Redmi with an SAR of 1.75 watts per kilogram. If we keep this thing aside the mobile which is the called as fastest mobile and most using mobile and best of best mobile 1+ 5t is the second most radiating mobile and this is aww full for everyone for believing that this fastest mobile of this much radiation wanna know how
much radiation it does it has 1.68 SAR per kilogram in this list there are many mobiles xiami mi max 3 ,1+ 6t all of radiation more than 1.20 SAR per kilogram .

it is wonder that all these mobiles are manufactured from China . From these we got to know most of the chinees mobile emit more radiation. Not only for birds radiation is more harmfull for we human beings we get all skin diseases by the radiation we have seen in many
movies about the defects in radiation.

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