Wednesday, 6 March 2019

You Can't Play Pubg Under Age-30 In China

You Can't Play pubg below Age-30 in China :-

You cant play pubg
Bad New For Pubg Players that in China you can't play pubg in age under 30 it's bad news for pubg fans, China government taken this decision because everyone was addicted to this pubg game extremely the youth was so Addicted to

this game they cannot ready constrat on their studies or anything 24/7 everybody was taking part in Pubg Mobile, I think now a days every one knows about this game. If you dont know about this game
we explain you what will happen in this game is that 100 Players Will Play this game at a time only live. One Plane Will be thier in that game in that 100 players was there then you have to land somewhere Given Map in that after jumping you have to servive to be in Frist position you can play with yours Friends by adding them in your team you can play with 4 members or Duo or Solo, after jumping you have kill your enemy they additionally a live
player you speak with them can your game audio

in this gameyou need internet or wifi because it's a live game after getting in the Frist position you will get "Winner Winner Chicken Dinner" So many peoples are addicted to this game in China that's why China government taken this decision to under Age 30 Years You Cant play Pubg Mobile You must should have above 30 years to play Pubg in China so this is bad news for Pubg Fans.......

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