Instant Google Adsense Approval For Blogger 2020

1) How to write a blog on Blogger?

2) How to create Proper website with Blogger?

3) When we Apply For Adsene?

4) How many words should write?

5) How Many Blog Should Publish for Adsens Approval? 

These 5 Question we will cover in this blog. So many people have same questions in thier mind is, how to create a proper website with blogger? 

How to earn from blogger? And all so we are going dicuss about these questions. Frist we have to select any domain name. Domain name means example my website is there (  these .com we called domain name which we have to purchase from any website like Godaddy and many more are there which they provide you. But please dont purchase any free domain name by that you will not get adsens approval. This is about domain name after purchasing domain name you have to open blogger and apply the domain name in that blogger i will not go to detail because thier is many video on youtube crom thier you learn.

Now we dicuss about Website Theme i mean Template. The Template must should be free template, dont download any templates and apply to your blogger how much simple ypur blog looks that much quick you will get adsense approval, So use free templates which are given in blogger. 

Domain Name and Templates these two you learn now upto this your blog ready to write articles. (BLOGS).

Now we dicuss how many blogs should we write to apply for adsense, We should write maximum 20 - 25 blogs after that you can apply for google adsense. In 15 also you can apply but sometime approval will not get so its better to write 20 - 25 blogs. And dont write copy paste content, write unique blogs. If copy content means you will not get adsense approval. 

Now we dicuss how many words blogs should we write to get adsense approval. We have to write maximum 500 words you will get approval on 300 words also but its better to write upto 500 words. You will get easily approval. And use copyright free images dont use copy images by that also now a days not getting approval. So becarefull while publishing blog. Every one is saying that must should write 1000 words and also no need of 1000 words you giving right information in 500 words then whats the use of writing 1000 words. So must should write maximum 500 words.

Now we discuss about what pages to should must create in your blog,

1) Privacy Policy

2) Contact Us

3) Disclaimer 

4) About Us 

These pages are must should he in your blogger website. If these is not thier means differently you will not get adsense aproval.

Now we dicuss about how to rank our post on google, what you to do means after publishing blog. Open Google search Console and index your all pages and post in that to rank your blog. 

This information which we have to give you, by doing these all you will get diffidently Google Adsense Approval.

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